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Youth Ugandan protesters will be taking part in a global climate strike on Friday



Youth Ugandan protesters will be taking part in a global climate strike on Friday 22nd April, 2022 which is expected to take place in Nabweru, Kampala.

A peaceful climate strike scheduled for Friday 22nd April, 2022 as Ugandan Climate Activists will be striking against climate distortion, environmental degradation, among others. These will match in a peaceful strike holding placards, banners, fliers, boxes with messages protesting against the lack of action on the climate crisis.

When the earth is destroyed that means there will be no plants, of course no animals and human beings, there’s urgent need [call] to fight against those who destroy it as well as encouraging all individuals to take up their responsibilities to fight for Earth as the only home for all human beings.

The protest will be led by Uganda’s and Africa’s leader of Fridays For Future Organisations Hilda F Nakabuye, joined by WAY – We Are Youths Organisation and OXFAM Uganda as they call upon all other youths to join the protest and demand for immediate action on climate.

Hilda F Nakabuye – Fridays For Future Uganda

As a number of people have fought on behalf of ourselves, this is the right time for now all of us we fight for ourselves as well – Mubiru Shafik Via Fiktube.





Fridays For Future





DEADLINE: 31 March 2023

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Russia left out in attending Queen’s Funeral Ceremony



Following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been excluded from attending the funeral of the fallen Queen Elizabeth II that will take place on Monday, September 19th.

According to the inside sources, the funeral space has been created for only about 2,000 people including the distinguished heads of state with exclusion of Russia’s Putin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova criticized the decision to exclude Russia as being a political motive to suppress Russians. Termed it “immoral” and “blasphemous”.

‘’ We see this British attempt to use the National tragedy, which has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, for geographical purposes to settle scores with our country… as deeply immoral, ’Maria Zakharova said in a statement.
‘’ this is particularly blasphemous towards Elizabeth II’s memory,’’ added the Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

United Kingdom, a top member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), pledged to support Ukraine against Russia in the Ukraine war.

At the death of the Queen , Putin took his brotherhood moment, off from watching the war, and sent condolence message to Prince Charles in what he said, ‘’ The most important event I the recent history of the United Kingdom are inextricably linked with the name of Her Majesty. For many decades, Elizabeth II rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects, as well as authority on the world stage.’’

Upon this long heart felt message, London decision still did not spare Russia, only to block Putin from attending the funeral.

The exclusive attendees of the Queen’s funeral include, President of Unite States, who will be welcomed by the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Liz Truss in a private meeting on political challenges and trade dealings. The Chinese Vice President, Wang Qishan will also attend the meeting on behalf of President Xi Jinping.

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We Can be Our Brothers’ Keepers in this Economic Crisis




It has been witnessed that at least every low income earner, in all corners of Uganda, is suffering from hunger or is at the edges of facing it.
I’m speaking this on behalf of a student who is supported by that already suffering Ugandan parent.

In the Universities, institutions, colleges, secondary and primary schools, the biggest number of students have their parents who are either selling high taxed commodities or typically peasants who are hit by drought in Northern, Eastern, Western, or Central regions or any town in Uganda. However, it is a mournful moment to here that these parents or guardians are facing it hard to cope with life. The rhetorical question rises; what is that Student in the learning cradle facing?. And it’s worse with our brothers and sisters from Karamoja Subregion. Reports say that by September the number of deaths will surpass 20 million. Of course if there no one to be their brother’s keeper.

At the University where I stand, a student supported by that economic grieved parent can only afford a single meal, or pass a day without one. The high commodity prices are not Students’ friendly. Besides, even those in primary and secondary schools are starved with meals that have very little or no single nutrition contents yet served with a lot watery beans and a slice of Posho to only keep them alive. To say, “add me some more is an offence”. The move is “eat to live not live to eat”. Schools can’t speak this, but they have found a hard moment in feeding these adolescent stage youths. In the recent reports aired out in media, children from different schools across the country have complained about the very little food their schools are giving them.

Back to Universities, those students sponsored by Government are becoming frontiers of the mourning. I have met with at least quota of these students. They complain that in this situation, their parents already know that Government is facilitating them to study. Some parents go ahead and ask support or a share on the little allowances these students receive. But look, this Semester at Makerere University, Government sponsored Students received half of this allowance, and it couldn’t be enough to pay for food and living allowances.

For those on private schemes, the same suffering is pronounced. They have ventured into “Tukekereze” slogan. You either spend wisely or starve.

But, the Bible talks about the Good Samaritans which I think could be the same heart with other Holy Books. The brothers God has blessed, this is the time you rise and “Be your brothers’ Keeper” Cain refused to be his brother’s Keeper and the soil swallowed Abel.
If you have something to offer, this is the time you stretch that hand and pull the brother out of the lion’s den _hunger.

If you are certainly defined as a predatory leader or civil servant, can’t you see that many people will die because you want to take away the valuable resources.
Just be your brothers’ Keeper and no one will die of hunger or malnutrition. President Uhuru Kenyatta already began these campaigns in his cradle when he ordered for the reduction in the prices of Maize Flour. This can be possible with Uganda. I’m sure Government of Uganda can be part of this campaign too.
We can all be our brothers’ keepers.

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