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Ignorance, My worst fear.

The big lesson.



By Gift Peter, Political and Opinion Writer. International Relations Diplomat

If you don’t know, you get hurt. Ignorance, my worst fear.

Jim Rohn in one of his speeches titled, “Don’t be lazy in learning” clearly brings to fold the punitive impacts of ignorance in which he said, “If you don’t know, you get hurt” and this has formed part of my headline in this article.

Ignorance is defined by Merriam Webster as lack of knowledge, experience, education or awareness. With this kind of definition, isn’t the fear of ignorance your worst fear? Perhaps we should understand ignorance by defining what knowledge is all about. Knowledge is defined by the quoted dictionary as information or awareness gained from study or experience. The question is, where can we get this knowledge from?

Ignorance is a killer, poverty and chronic disease. It is because of ignorance that many people end up missing opportunities just as a result of not knowing where and how to tap them, it is because of ignorance that many people fear to express themselves due to lack of information on a specific subject and even the ignorant ones who try to express themselves end up being trapped and humiliated for making statements out of ignorance.

Ignorance is an incredible recipe for failure. When it enters your bloodstream, you inevitably become infected with failure. It enables people to exploit you. I recall the first time I came to Kampala city in 2017. As a typical village boy who got mesmerized by the beauty in the city, one day, I wanted to tour the so-called city that people have been waxing lyrical about. I boarded a Taxi from KIsaasi, an outskirt within Kampala city.

My friend Edward had earlier on instructed me that whenever I get lost in the city, I should use “Mapeera House” to locate myself. When I reached town, clothed in utmost confidence in myself, without knowledge of the roads and names of places, I embarked on the walk. My entire aim was to tour Kampala city and get to know the places by myself which wasn’t bad though.

I moved around. It was indeed great time exploring and fighting the ignorance in me about the city. When it was time to go back home, I begun locating the Old taxi park where taxis heading to Kisaasi are found. On my way to the park, I got lost within ‘downtown’, a busy business area at the lower part of Uganda’s capital city. I meandered about. Fear gripped over me yet blind confidence in me couldn’t let me ask someone for directions. There was a strong spirit inside me saying, “Don’t accept defeat, don’t ask anyone”.

At last, I got tired of listening to that spirit. Tears almost rolling down my cheeks, I got a Boda Boda man just in front of Owino market. I asked the boda guy how much he would take me to Old Taxi Park. He looked at me in the face with a quizzical expression. Deep down, he knew I was a typical villager who got lost and to him, that was the best moment to coin money out of me and surely it was, because I was ignorant yet desperate to locate the Taxi Park. He replied to my question with, “just sit, and let me take you there”. When I asked him of how much it would cost, he said 15000 shillings. That price is actually 15 times higher than the actual price.

Just because I was ignorant about the location of the old Taxi Park, I accepted to be taken at that price. He took a slightly longer route to the park just to paint an image in my mind that the distance is worth the money and when we reached, I pulled out the 15000 shillings and with a smile on my face, I handed it to him and even thanked him for bringing me to the park. Months later, after mastering the routes within the city, I realized I was conned, duped and exploited and thanks to ignorance. Ignorance can make life expensive for you. It can make you purchase a product at a higher price or even get a counterfeit.

In this internet era and world of smartphones, it is even more costly to be ignorant. These days, we have thieves on all social media platforms, others even have the confidence to call you directly and inform you that they have just sent for you 950000 shillings on your mobile money account and demand of you that you quickly remit back that money yet in actual sense, you never received any money. History chronicles testimonies of people who have been conned online, my sister inclusive. This is all because of ignorance.

The worst form of ignorance is failure to admit that one is ignorant. This one is chronic. Instead of fighting to get knowledge, education and information, majority of us continue to wallow in stupidity. The culture of reading is drastically withering out. These days, people hate reading more than anything else, this is why the Whites in their wisdom made the statement that, “if you want to hide something from an African, put it in writing”. We are lazy to seek for information. Let’s go on an intellectual safari, let’s go on a learning spree. Don’t tire seeking for information, don’t tire learning.

The luxury we can’t afford in this day and age is the luxury of remaining ignorant because you will be consumed and destroyed. The bible even puts it better in Hosea 4:6 that, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. So the question is, do you want to wallow in ignorance and be consumed by disaster? Hopefully you will answer this.

Now, it is even easier than ever before to access information because we have the internet and smartphones. You can download books on the internet and read them. You can read journals or articles written by other people. You find information on social media for instance Twitter. Information is bountifully rich on YouTube. Explore it and have it at your fingertips. Read newspapers and watch news. You can even listen to the radio and be informed. The wheels of knowledgeability move slowly, but ultimately you will reach there.

The conducive and always convenient excuse one may lay on ground is that they don’t have phones and data to access information. However, throughout history, the last time I checked, knowledge comes at a cost. Education is paid for that is why currently even in government schools where education was initially meant to be free (Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education), parents continue to pay school fees. So if you want to conquer ignorance, you must be willing to invest in order to acquire the knowledge.

Let’s all invest in knowledge because if you don’t know, you get hurt. Knowledge is like a garden as we are told. If you don’t plough it, weeds will sprout. Equally if you don’t invest in knowledge, the seeds of ignorance are always ready to germinate.



Nabunje Shanitah Crowned Miss Success Schools



Success International Primary School organized the 2023 Miss Success Schools grand finale at their headquarters in Makindye Ssabbagabo municipality Kanaba yesterday 4th June, 2023.

Nabunje Shanitah aged 11 years currently in Primary Six (P.6) emerged as the overall winner of these competitions and became the very first ever winner of Miss Success Schools. She also received a prize worth UGX100,000 that was awarded by the Schools director Mr. Said Ssemakula.

Nabunje Shanitah (middle) receiving her prize at the Miss Success Schools 2023

Miss Success Schools

The competitions are an initiative of Uganda’s Mini Miss Confidence 2022, Queen Shainah Zikrah Siddiqi who was tasked by Little Miss Uganda to run a project in short this was her Project Launch.

Official Poster of Queen Shainah’s Project Launch 2023

The competitions ran both online and offline as different contestants from Number One (No.1) to Number Twelve (No.12) all showcased their Talents, Modeling Skills, Creative Wear, Confidence in Speech & Presentation, Understanding of their causes they’re standing for as well as ability to win their audience.

Nabunje scored highly in Creative Wear, Talent as she was the only queen who possessed the unique talent in construction or building. Her skills in construction are unmatched and little did the audience, judges knew a girl of her age could really do construction, this is a wakeup call to all girls and women out there that there’s no limitations to what you could actually do.
ViDeo: Shanitah Building

Shanitah would love to advocate for quality and affordable education for all children, she believes that if Educational fees (Tuition) are lowered to an average of UGX100,000 could give an opportunity to all parents to facilitate their kids education. She called upon everyone to join her on this cause of national importance and we all don’t give it a blind eye.

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Keanu Reeves, all that happened to him and still a good person



Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor who has appeared in films, television series and video games. He made his film debut in the short One Step Away in 1985. The following year, Reeves appeared in the crime film River’s Edge, and the television films Babes in Toyland, Act of Vengeance, and Brotherhood of Justice.

Mysterious Journey

He was abandoned by his father at 3 years old and grew up with 3 different stepfathers. He is dyslexic. His dream of becoming a hockey player was shattered by a serious accident. His daughter died at birth. His wife died in a car accident.

His best friend, River Phoenix, died of an overdose. His sister has leukemia.

And with everything that has happened, Keanu Reeves never misses an opportunity to help people in need.

When he was filming the movie “The Lake House,” he overheard the conversation of two costume assistants; One cried because he would lose his house if he did not pay $ 20,000 and on the same day Keanu deposited the necessary amount in the woman’s bank account;

He also donated stratospheric sums to hospitals.

In 2010, on his birthday, Keanu walked into a bakery and bought a brioche with a single candle, ate it in front of the bakery, and offered coffee to people who stopped to talk to him.

After winning astronomical sums for the Matrix trilogy, the actor donated more than $ 50 million to the staff who handled the costumes and special effects – the true heroes of the trilogy, as he called them.

He also gave a Harley-Davidson to each of the stunt doubles. A total expense of several million dollars. And for many successful films, he has even given up 90% of his salary to allow the production to hire other stars.

In 1997 some paparazzi found him walking one morning in the company of a homeless man in Los Angeles, listening to him and sharing his life for a few hours.

Most stars when they make a charitable gesture they declare it to all the media. He has never claimed to be doing charity, he simply does it as a matter of moral principles and not to look better in the eyes of others.

This man could buy everything, and instead every day he gets up and chooses one thing that cannot be bought: Be a good person.

Joke Made About Him in 2019

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Opinion: Living a Testimony of Hard work (Food of Thought to a Young Generation)



Corporate Communications Students from Makerere University on the practical visit at UMEME Offices at Rwenzori House Kampala

Many young people who have graduated or seized qualifications from different institutions of learning, find arduous moments in getting better paying jobs.

The biggest challenge is not the courses they do or complicated job market environment they encounter, but sometimes it is the too many unworked for expectations from the qualifications they get. Many opinion leaders, politicians and interest groups have alluded the unemployment blames on the education system and may be the government. But the first factor is engulfed within the persona-character of an anticipated employee.

In the study to unearth what has caused the biggest scale of unemployed youth on the streets of Kampala and other locations countrywide, the officer and the Head of Communications Umeme Limited, Mr. Kaujju Peter packages this “Food of thought for the young generation”. This is drawn from him as a living testimony of hard work and networking.

Mr. Kaujju started working while in his second year pursuing a bachelor degree in Mass Communication at Makerere University. All this happened after his outstretched struggle to secure an internship placement finally yielded affirmative results from New Vision Uganda in 2005. After the successful internship exercise, Peter’s hard work and network building skills accelerated to secure him a job at New Vision’s Newsroom.

The feel of practical Journalism and Communications passions have been compounded with ingredients of hard work and network built capacities to grant him a milestone of opportunities placed on his table.

This lively example comes with a strong right hand to pick out all the young people who still see darkness in front of a lit lamp. Mr. Kaujju on several occasions meets the young people, his words have always left strong built up hearts with positive mindsets and self-efficacy towards work. He says, ” Whenever I meet the young people, I tell them that you are as good as your networks. So your networks are actually your net worth.” Peter adds that youth need to work hard and utilize the opportunities whenever they meet them.

It is agreeable and with no doubt that the internet drives have kept many youths so idle and extremely isolated from their productive cycles and families. This is a one-step blockage of opportunities in one’s life. Internet, besides being a source of income to some youth, it is producing a big population of lazy people, depressed generations, and weak minded fellows. These breeds of unemployment are likely to yield more hindrances towards Uganda’s vision to drive into a “middle income status”

But to venture in solutions, Mr. Kaujju Peter gives the recommendable remedies. ” It is important that we don’t live in closed shells, especially to the young people. You need to open up. You need to build networks that give you value,” he says.

Some people still find it hard to break the viscous cycles of poverty by just failure to value time as a resource for wealth, growth and development. Institutions teach knowledge but time is taught by the behavior at intra-personal level.

Benjamin Franklin in his essay, ” Advice to a Young Tradesman,” informs the world that, ” Time Is Money” and George Fisher, in his 1748 Book, advances this statement as a reminder that, ” Remember Time Is Money”. These scholars saw the wave of idleness blowing toward the next generations, especially among the youth, and they dressed the parenthood coats to advice youth respect time the way they respect money. The connotative description is meant to convey a monetary expense of laziness.

Mr., Kaujju, as well warns youth that time is a resource once wasted, is never gained. “The other important value is respect for time. It is that particular resource that will never come back. Every minute that has gone will never be recovered,” he says.

We may look for opportunities in distant errands, but let’s first work on ourselves to be brands and co-creators of our networks. Then ways to our destinies will be paved.

Written and Compiled by
Mudecha Aramathani,
A Corporate Communications Scholar,
And Fourth Year Student,
At Makerere University.

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